Fabrication Service

Once submit your sheet metal manufacturing requirements a quotation will quickly follow, we can then start production within 1 day.

Our fabrication Services

Haizol is different from traditional sheet metal suppliers, we provide customers with fast and cost-effective manufacturing, including a range of customized sheet metal material and assembly options.

  • Sheet Metal Bending

  • Welding or Bonding

  • NC Punching

  • Cutting

  • Structure

  • Metal Spinning

Applications of Fabrication

  • Versatile Tooling

    Steel metal is the most common material used, which can be up to .25 inches thick, giving you versatility.

  • Mass consumption parts

    Fabrication is great for mass production of parts such as screws, cans, pins etc. Products with consistent requirements and a wider tolerance for error. Fabrication is ideal for large runs of customized fabricated metal products. To fit specific business requirements.

  • End-use Parts

    Metal fabrication is great to shape metal into parts or end products. Some examples are hand tools, bolts, equipment, and car parts.

Why Choose Haizol For Fabrication?

  • Limitless Choices

    A huge range and combination of materials, tolerances, finishes & markings.

  • On-Demand Manufacturing

    Order direct from our team, access in-house engineers & fast-lead times.

  • Transparent Ordering

    Live instant order updates through our order monitoring system.