Forging Service

Through the forging process, parts can be created which are stronger than other metal processing methods.

Our Forging Service

Forging is one of the more pivotal metalworking processes in the metal manufacturing industry. It's especially vital in the iron and steel industries and is viewed as a tremendous source of productivity. With regards to price and overall quality, metal forging brings the most value. This notion rings doubly when maximum part strength, custom sizes, and critical performance specifications are needed for the application.

  • Heading

  • Impression Die Forging

  • Open Die Forging

  • Roll Forging

  • Near-Net-Shape Forging

Applications of Forging

  • Tough, low cost tooling

    Forging gives comparatively tougher products, with high resistance and higher mechanical properties compared to other methods.

  • Multiple industry uses

    Forging is commonly used in the mechanical industry, in hand tools, and hardware manufacturing.

  • End-use Production

    Ideal for end-use production, forging can be used on a wide range of metals, with a broad size range of products.

Why Choose Haizol For Forging?

  • Limitless Choices

    A huge range and combination of materials, tolerances, finishes & markings.

  • On-Demand Manufacturing

    Order direct from our team, access in-house engineers & fast-lead times.

  • Transparent Ordering

    Live instant order updates through our order monitoring system.