OEM Manufacturing

Machining, lnjection Molding, Sheet Metal Manufacuring & More
  • 100+ metals and plastics, 10+ surfaces finishes
  • Rapid prototyping and full-scale production
  • On-time delivery
Machining vs. Molding Capabilities
*The table above is a guide for reference only
The Haizol Difference
  • Guaranteed faster to market products
    Haizol puts together a dedicated expert team to efficiently oversee project analytics, quotation, supplier audit training, sample verification, mass production, quality inspection, and logistics. On average, we manage to shorten the project cycle by over 50%.
    The most competitive price in the market
    Our engineering experts give technical optimization suggestions, such as design, process, and material suggestions to reduce costs; whilst dispatching orders at speed to the most cost-effective supplier through our internal supply chain.
  • Resilient, stable, and agile supply chain
    Haizol leverages its digital manufacturing resource library to quickly match high-quality factories that meet the customer's requirements, whilst effectively monitoring and solving potential risks and making adjustments to customer needs.
    Facilitate customer product innovation
    Leveraging our wealth of experience in diverse industry projects, we break boundaries in professional fields, and help customers in product innovation.

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