Stamping Service

Manufacture complex stamping parts with precision and produce products that exceed customer expectations.

Our Stamping Service

We have extensive in-house metal stamping capabilities, including the design and manufacture of progressive dies and fourslide tools as well as precision machining. We can perform all required secondary manufacturing processes like deburring and tapping as well. These resources are matched with deep metallurgical understanding and exceptional customer support for every metal stamping and forming product. Your workpiece will be shaped and formed to the optimal geometry — even down to thicknesses to one thousandth of an inch — with precision tolerances.

  • Metal Stamping

  • Deep Draw

  • Progressive Die Stamping

  • Fine Blanking

Applications of Stamping

  • High volume production

    Fast and cost-effective solution for large-quantity manufacturing need. The ability to produce a high volume of identical metal components. It is applicable to both short and long production runs.

  • Low Cost

    Stamping requires lower die costs, lower secondary costs, and a high level of automation compared to other processes. Metal stamping dies tend to be relatively less expensive to produce and maintain than other processes.

  • End-use Production

    Ideal for end use production, with automation offering high precision, fast production, and fast turnaround times.

Why Choose Haizol For Stamping?

  • Limitless Choices

    A huge range and combination of materials, tolerances, finishes & markings.

  • On-Demand Manufacturing

    Order direct from our team, access in-house engineers & fast-lead times.

  • Transparent Ordering

    Live instant order updates through our order monitoring system.