• Virtual simulation + rapid verification to confirm the plan for the design.

    Based on the design concept of DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), the optimal solution is achieved through virtual simulation + rapid verification. By carefully thinking through the whole process from structure, process, mold, and material, the manufacturing process will be smoother and more cost-effective.

  • Accurately match high-quality manufacturers and deliver full process control

    Accurately matching customer needs, Haizol verifies of design, engineering technology, manufacturability and cost. Haizol then send the project to well matched suppliers for production, who have been pre-vetted and reviewed based on project requirements. Haizol will oversee and control the process from start to finish.

  • Quality management system that meets customer requirements

    Haizol upholds its own quality management system in according with international standards. These include project evaluation, supplier review and training, project development and quality control, mass production quality monitoring, and logistics planning. They also involve mitigating potential risks, keeping close communication with customers, and ensuring the supplier's quality management system is up to date.

    Our manufacturing resource database matches high-quality factories with the required quality management system certification according to the industry and field of the project.

    - IATF16949

    - ISO13485

    - AS9100

    - ISO 9001


  • Strict quality inspection standards

    Suppliers adopt Haizol's quality inspection standards, and inspect all orders prior to releasing to Haizol. Haizol perform a re-inspection, involving material testing reports, product testing reports, product and packaging photos, before shipping to the customer. This information is uploaded into the order system to provide the customer with real time status updates and order information.

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