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HAIZOL fully meets your PCB "design-to-market" needs, providing comprehensive services from design to production, assembly and testing to final product delivery in appropriate commercial packaging. A strong quality management system (QMS) can ensure that your circuit boards and products are high quality with stable performance. Haizol are on hand for all your fabrication needs


    HAIZOL provides full-featured, high-reliability PCB manufacturing services, covering rigid FR4PCB, HDI PCB, FPC, Aluminum PCB, Rogers PCB, & more.


    One-stop delivery of PCBA services covering PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, SMT and/or THT assembly. These services can be flexibly combined to meet the scope, quality, schedule and budget requirements of your project.


    On submission on your requirements (such as function, shape, drawing, etc.), HAIZOL can quickly turn your idea into reality. We complete the design and prototype, including schematics, layout, component selection, circuit simulation, software, and more.


    Our technical expertise and experience mitigate potential issues in the manufacturing process, from production to assembly. Haizol provide simulation analysis, advice, and evaluate the most suitable materials for boards with controlled impedance. We also design impedance modules, specify insulation gaps and trace widths, and manage all other aspects of the project.

Services Offered

HAIZOL provides global customers with PCB manufacturing services widely used in medical, automotive, consumer products, IofTh, industrial controllers, solar energy, military, and other industries. Our service centres on fast response, on-demand manufacturing, that is cost-effective with a quality commitment. Our manufacturing partners are highly qualified, holding ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, IATF16949

  • Production of standard printed circuit boards, and special and high-end application boards
  • PCB design and original production, and standard and high-end printed circuit board design
  • Small, medium and large PCB production runs using special technology
  • PCBA assembly manufacturing with components and final functional testing
  • Comprehensive Project Management - we provide PCB design and production, including assembly and functional testing. Our dedicated team prepares, schedules and coordinates all processes, while ensuring the final product is delivered on schedule to a high standard
  • Comprehensive technical support, including material specifications, stack-up design, and optimization of production data with panel layouts
PCB Fabrication Samples
PCB Assembly Samples

    Our Core Competences

    Manufacturing Expertise

    As an electronic component manufacturer, our expertise in prototyping, tooling, plastics, electrical design and part assembly is unmatched. In order to develop innovative solutions that add significant value to the final product, we provide our customers with the appropriate expertise

    • Professional engineers and designers
    • High quality and reliable HMI components
    • Qualifications including CE, UL, cUL, RoHS, WEEE
    • Environmental Management System
    Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

    Once the project is confirmed, we will leverage the best equipment and personnel to process and manufacture, ensuring the shortest time-to-market of your product

    • Automatic pick and place machine
    • Glue application equipment
    • Automatic dispenser
    • 8 zone SMT reflow oven
    • Automatic wave soldering machine
    • Advanced PCB board and stencil cleaner
    • Advanced ESD control system
    • Conformal layer device
    • Vision scanning microscope
    • Quality inspection visual camera equipment
    Production and Supply Chain

    We can quickly suggest crosses and alternates for constrained parts through our data-driven platform and industry-leading analysis tools. HAIZOL’s strategic sourcing methods and deep supplier relationships help mitigate procurement challenges

    Partner with HAIZOL Automation to build a resilient supply chain for prototype to production ramp

    • PCB Design and Manufacturing
    • SMT placement, assembly and inspection
    • Cable crimping, cutting, harnessing and final assembly
    • Consistent processes across all locations with integrated supply chain quality measures
    Quality Assurance

    HAIZOL built a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure excellent delivery of printed circuit boards and assembled products

    • Lab testing with suitable software
    • Environmental test room (temperature and humidity)
    • Compliant with different levels of protection
    • Test the durability of individual components
    • Automatic wave soldering machine
    • Optical simulation and analysis
    • Final inspection of all products
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