Product Development & Manufacturing

Quickly establish or improve supply chain, optimize plans, processes, and materials, accelerate time to market, and reduce cost.
What Problems Do We Solve?
  • 01/ Help customers establish a stable flexible supply chain
    Based on Haizol's manufacturing resource database and well-established supply chain team, we can quickly dispatch high-quality production components for different industries, establish a stable and efficient supply chain, and dynamically adjust according to changes in customer needs. Haizol are your one-stop solution for customers to achieve objectives, reduce purchasing cost, and save time.
  • 02/ Reduce supplier risk
    Haizol will disassemble the products into multiple BOMs and distribute them to different core suppliers for production. Haizol's professional supply chain team will train suppliers and provide technical support to ensure production efficiency and quality. Often when the plan changes during production, the production capacity and delivery time is affected, Haizol will ensure the process remains smooth and the requirements are achieved to the timescales given.
  • 03/ Engineering assistance from initial R&D to factory manufacturing
    Bridging the gap between R&D oriented companies and factory production, we can transform laboratory solutions into engineered standardized manufacturable products. Haizol are able to break through the limitations typically experienced in professional fields through their vast experience, to achieve product technology migration in diverse industry categories. Haizol can formulate customer solutions, and optimize processes.
  • 04/ Guarantee the design is achieved accurately
    For R&D customers, suppliers often request design plan changes due to their own limitations and reasons, which can result in compromising the design and product. As a neutral service platform, Haizol can assist customers identify and avoid unreasonable requests from suppliers and ensure the design plan is realized.
Produced the an oxygen generator with customized parts
This customer is a well-known medical device company in the United States, and their oxygen concentrator is a key product.

Haizol acheived the following for the customer:

  • Optimized structural design, reducing costs by 30%
  • Broke product down into components, quickly matched production and assembly of over a dozen factories
  • 20% faster than customers’ expectation
  • Achieved mass production and established fast and stable supply channels
Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Haizol is committed to ensuring that customers’ top products are listed and successful, growing with our customers, and pushing your product line.

Haizol simplifies the process of product customization procurement. We provide you with a huge supplier base and diverse production capacity features. Assess the world's top manufacturing companies through Haizol, and leave us to handle the communication and production, covering all issues from quality control to delivery and customs, a truly one-stop service.
  • Once you have submit your sheet metal manufacturing requirements a quotation will quickly follow, we can then start production within 1 day.
    Sheet Metal Manufacturing
    Haizol typically uses casting technology to produce low-cost, small-volume, durable and complex products with specific color and toughness requirements
    Die Casting Manufacturing
  • Haizol's precision mold molding is highly customizable, providing on-demand molding and production molding services. Our advantages? Excellent cost control, abundant manufacturing resources, and faster than traditional supplies with assured delivery time.
    Plastic Molding Manufacturing
  • Manufacture complex stamping parts with precision and provide products that exceed customer expectations.
    Stamping Manufacturing

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