Product core component manufacturing

Haizol provide manufacturability solutions for core components of products through high-end machining and precision mold forming.
Customer Project
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation blood pump
The centrifugal pump impeller is in direct contact with blood, which requires extremely high surface treatment technology and processing accuracy. For this kind of project, it is difficult to find a suitable supplier within the domestic medical industry chain.
After many discussions with the team at Tsinghua Research Institute, Haizol decided to replace metal materials with a special high quality plastic of lower impedance from Bayer. The production process was converted from machining to injection molding.
Comprehensive considerations such as scope and quality resulted in the best manufacturing strategy for the customer, and final selection from a shortlist of 15 of the best suited factory from a pool of 600,000. The selected factory went on to successfully complete sample testing and mass production.
Our Component Manufacturing Capabilities
Within the sphere of modern manufacturing services, Haizol is well placed through its strong digital platforms and vast project experience. We invest in engineering research and development to ensure the top quality delivery of high-end machining and precision molding. Haizol's platform produces specialist equipment resources to improve manufacturing solutions for customers, whilst managing supply chains and production capacity.
Precision Mold Forming
Mold forming is the most cost-effective method for manufacturing large quantities of plastic products.
Wide selection of materials, including almost all thermoplastic materials as well as some thermoset and siliceous materials.
The production efficiency is extremely high, a product can be processed in about 15-60 seconds.
Mold cavity tolerance: +/-0.01 mm when processing the mold, an increase of +/-0.05 mm per centimeter when calculating the shrinkage rate; the consistency of parts is less than +/-0.1 mm
According to the pre-designed plan, a finished product can be produced without additional processing.
High-end machining capabilities
Able to achieve high-precision tolerances of 0.005 mm (0.0002 inch).
Machined parts and components have excellent physical properties and are well suited for applications with high-performance requirements.
Short production cycle and fast delivery, Haizol can deliver in as fast as 3 days.
Compared to mold forming, machining does not require mold creation, which can lower costs for one-time customized products.
Suitable for small scale production.
Assembly line

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