Casting Service

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Our Casting Service

Haizol typically uses casting technology to produce low-cost, small-volume, durable and complex products with specific color and toughness requirements, such as hard plastic parts and rubber products.

  • Sand Casting

  • Die Casting

  • Investment Casting

  • Lost Foam Casting

  • Permanent Mold Casting

  • Centrifugal Casting

Applications of Casting

  • Low cost for large quantities

    Materials that are expensive to manufacture using other manufacturing process can typically be cast. Compared to other manufacturing processes, casting is cheaper for medium to large quantities.

  • Simple Production

    Casting is ideal for producing complex or large parts that are difficult to make by other methods. Casting allows complex and large parts to be made in a one-piece cast, which can eliminate machining, assembly and fabrication steps.

  • End-use Production

    Almost all metals can be cast, which makes it a great option for fast and straight forward tooling.

Why Choose Haizol For Casting?

  • Limitless Choices

    A huge range and combination of materials, tolerances, finishes & markings.

  • On-Demand Manufacturing

    Order direct from our team, access in-house engineers & fast-lead times.

  • Transparent Ordering

    Live instant order updates through our order monitoring system.