About HAIZOL and Its Global Subsidiaries

Haizol.com is an online business to business platform that provides instantaneous contracted manufacturing services to original brands, private labels, distributors, subcontractors, system integrators, startups, value-added resellers and patent creators worldwide. Within our highly secured portal, our clients can access to thousands of manufacturers and suppliers by submitting real-time Request-For-Quotes (RFQ) or preferred OSS consulting services that can provide step-by-step guidance to achieve your manufacturing goals. Haizol's designated manufacturing processes include Prototyping, Molding, Stamping, CNC Machining, Casting, Fabrication and much more. Such comprehensive manufacturing capabilities allow Haizol to meet the needs of many industries across a wide range of product categories, including Automotive Parts & Equipment, Aerospace, Electrical Equipment, Electronics, Design & Engineering, Fabricated Metals, Medical Supply & Equipment, Machinery & Tools, Packaging, Toys, as well as general consumer goods.

Haizol Global (Haizolglobal.com) is the One-stop Sourcing and Solution (OSS) division, providing dedicated consulting and project management services to those customers who demand strict manufacturing guidelines in order to satisfy certain industry regulations.

Registration to start with Haizol.com or Haizolglobal.com is always FREE. Simply submit your specifications to Request-For-Quote (RFQ) on Haizol's online marketplace or contact one of our manufacturing consultants on Haizolglobal.com for an appointment to discuss your manufacturing needs.